Alliance Partners

We are proud to have strong alliance partnerships with unions for workers, including the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and Mining & Energy Union (MEU). We recognise the important roles that unions play in advocating for workers' rights and improving working conditions, and we are honored to support their efforts. Through our partnerships, we offer a range of financial services and products designed specifically for the union members.

Our communities

We understand the importance of supporting local communities through sponsorship, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact. To achieve this, we leverage the power of our extensive national branch network, which allows us to reach communities across the nation. Through this network, we have established long-term relationships and commitment with the communities.


We believe in the importance of promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyles in the communities we serve. By sponsoring the local sporting clubs and events, we are helping to build stronger, healthier and more connected communities.

We are here to help