Our commitment

We value your trust in us as a Member Owned financial institution. It is important for us to keep your information secure. As your financial institution, it is also important for us to keep your information confidential. To achieve this we comply with the Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. The Privacy Act 1988 sets out how we are to collect, use, disclose and store personal, credit and credit eligibility information. The Privacy Act 1988 also requires us to have a privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out:

  • what information we collect and hold
  • when you apply for a loan what information we use from your credit report
  • how we collect and hold information
  • why we collect, hold, use and disclose your information
  • how you can access your information
  • how you can correct your information
  • how you can make a complaint
  • how we will deal with your complaint
  • in what overseas countries we are likely to disclose your information.

Privacy Notification

Our Privacy Notification sets out:

  • why we collect and use your information
  • how we collect and use your information
  • what happens if you do not wish to provide us with information
  • whether we provide your information to other entities
  • the availability of our Privacy Policy
  • when we can disclose certain information to a credit reporting body
  • how a credit reporting body may use your information
  • whether we disclose your information overseas and if so, where
  • how you can contact us.

Providing your information to credit reporting bodies

The credit reporting bodies we disclose information to are Equifax and Illion.

If you do not make your repayments when they fall due or commit a serious credit infringement, we may disclose this to Equifax or Illion. Any information we provide to Equifax or Illion will be included in reports provided to credit providers to help them to assess your creditworthiness.

You can ask Equifax or Illion not to use your information for prescreening of direct marketing by a credit provider.

You can also ask them not to use or disclose your information if you reasonably believe that you have been or are likely to be a victim of fraud.

Equifax’s policy on the management of information is available at www.mycreditfile.com.au

You can contact Equifax by:

Illion’s policy on the management of information is available at illion.com.au/consumer-data-right-policy

You can contact Illion by:


You may make a complaint to us if you consider that we have not complied with the relevant provisions of the APPs or relevant credit reporting provisions within the Privacy Act.

You can complain:

We will deal with your complaint under our internal dispute resolution procedure. We will give you our Complaint and Dispute Resolution Guide when you make your complaint.

We are here to help