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  • Are you ready to Reboot your Privacy!
    As our day-to-day online activity shifts even further during the COVID-19 pandemic, Privacy Awareness Week is an important reminder to R... Read on
  • Verified by Visa Changes to Visa Secure
    Visa recently enhanced its security for online purchases making the experience more seamless and easier while protecting Visa card... Read on
  • New Chief Executive Officer Appointed for Unity Ba...
    The Chair of Unity Bank, Mr Mick Doleman, today announced the appointment of Danny Pavisic as the ne... Read on
  • Savings Interest Rate Changes effective 1 June 202...
    We are reducing interest rates for our Bonus Saver Account (S7) by 0.10% to 1.00% (inclusive of the base rate plus bonus rate). Read on
  • Website / Internet Banking Access Issue
    We are currently experiencing an intermittent issue where some members who use old versions of Mac Safari and Chrome browsers on Samsung... Read on
  • A Commitment Worth Its Length In Gold
    1970: It was a very good year. A hundred and twenty seven runners came together for the very first New York Marathon. 334 passenger... Read on