Our objective is to help you achieve all your financial goals, whether these be personal or business.

That's why we have a range of solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

  • What are your personal financial goals?
  • Do you have any lifestyle goals?
  • When are you planning to retire?

No matter how old you are, these are important questions. See how a financial planning service can help you put things in place to meet your goals.

For Members in the Maritime, Mining and Power Industries

Whether you are saving for your first home, have a young family and are planning the many costs that caring for children will bring or considering retirement, we can refer you to a financial planner who will be able to provide you with financial advice.

For all other Members

Whether advising on buying and selling shares, helping you choose the right superannuation strategy, securing your best possible retirement income or keeping a close, ongoing watch on your investment portfolio, Bridges is committed to the highest standard of service to all Members.


Who are Bridges Financial Services?

Unity Bank are skilled in providing transactional, savings and loan related facilities. For other financial related services such as insurance and financial planning, the bank engages specialist 3rd parties to offer our members professional service and advice.

Bridges Financial Services are one such third party that is licensed to provide financial planning and advice services to Unity Bank members under a referral arrangement, and for which a referral fee may be received.

We are here to help