Our Values, Our Commitment to You

As a member-owned financial institution, Unity Bank has been proudly serving members in the Maritime, Mining and Power industries, their families, and our regional communities for over 50 years. Together we have seen many changes and as we continue this journey, we feel it is important to take this opportunity to reassure you of our ongoing commitment to our members, our employees, and the communities we serve.

‘Our Values are built on the principles of cooperation, mutuality and unity of purpose, carrying forward the vision of our Founders. We always stand by our members.’

The way we conduct our business, our interactions with our members and each other, are guided by our Values. We believe by living our Values everyday gives you and us ‘Strength in Unity’.


We will support your financial growth through the different stages of life to create long-term financial security. From your first savings account to your first car and first home, right through to retirement. We will be there to help you grow.


We will be strong and supportive when life throws you challenges. We live in an environment of constant change and uncertainty and will continue to provide financial support during life events, as we have done in the past.


By banking with us, you have shown us your trust. We will strive in all our interactions with you to repay that privilege through open, honest, and fair conversations. In our actions, we will treat you and each other fairly and respectfully.


We will ‘follow through’ – whether it be our words or our actions. Our goal is for us to work together to create mutual success.


We recognise no two members are alike. You can rely on us to better understand your needs, so together we can build a more secure financial future.

We are here to help