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What do I need for my application?

Before you proceed with your application, make sure you have the following details sorted. Proof of income Income details for each applicant Two copies of your most recent payslips or a letter from your employer confirming your employment status and income Current Centrelink details if applicable (e.g. family allowance, pension) If you are self-employed you will need your tax returns and profit and loss statements for the last 2 years Employment details Your current employer's details (name, address and phone number) If you have not been in your current job for three years, the details of your previous employment Identity Proof of identity is not required to apply for the loan, however you will be required to supply suitable identification at a later date as listed below. If you are an existing member, your membership number If you have not been living at your current address for at least two years, the details of your previous address Assets Details of your assets including bank accounts, shares, life insurance, motor vehicles and personal effects We will require verification for certain assets, for example rates notice if you own a property or rent receipts if you have an investment property. Commitments Details of your financial commitments (eg. payments made on other loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc). We will require recent statements. Car Loan If you are applying for a Car Loan you will also need to provide details (where available) of the vehicle you plan to purchase: Dealer's invoice Copy of current registration papers If a private sale, copy of current registration paper Proof of insurance cover Home Loan If you are applying for a Home Loan you will also need to provide details (where available) of the property you are purchasing: Details of location Type of property Purchase price Your monetary contribution Name of agent or private vendor Name of your solicitor Consolidation Loan If you are applying to consolidate your loans you will need to provide: Current statements of all existing loans and credit cards Obtain a payout figure from the lender

Home Loans Personal Loans Tips and Guides

How does the online application work?

The online loan application process should take you no more than 10 minutes. You will be asked to complete a simple form asking you to provide information on: purpose of the loan; your personal details; your contact and address details; your employment and income; other financial commitments you have; and your assets. It is important that the information you provide is accurate so that we can assess your application in the most effective way. If you provide us with incomplete or inaccurate information, we may not be able to provide you with the loan you are seeking. Use of your personal information You agree that personal information about you which may at any time be provided to us in connection with a loan application may be held and used by us to assess and process the application, to establish, provide and administer the facility and to execute your instructions. See our privacy policy for further information. When you complete the application form, it will be transmitted to us via secure encrypted transmission (click here for all our security details).

Home Loans Personal Loans Tips and Guides

What happens to my application once it is submitted?

We will acknowledge receipt of your application at which time we will advise you of our initial assessment and, if necessary, seek other information from you for the purpose of fully assessing your application. We may also need to gather information from a third party, such as a credit reporting agency, to enable us to fully assess your application. Upon receiving all the relevant information, your application will be fully assessed and you will receive a phone call or email to let you know if your loan has been approved, subject to any conditions. At that time we will also discuss the next steps involved in progressing your loan application. Please note the following regarding the information you provide. In submitting your application you agree, in making an application for credit to us, that, in assessing the application we may seek and obtain personal information about you from a credit reporting agency or other financial institution or any other party necessary to assess your application and may give personal information about you to another financial institution. You also agree that we may hold and use personal information about you, which may at any time be provided to us in connection with a facility for which you make application to us, for the purposes (as relevant) of: considering any other application you may make to us; complying with legislative and regulatory requirements; performing administrative functions, including accounting, risk management, record keeping, archiving, systems development, credit scoring and staff training; managing our rights and obligations in relation to external payment systems; conducting market or customer satisfaction research; developing, establishing and administering alliances and other arrangements (including rewards programs) with other organisations in relation to the promotion, administration and use of our respective products and services; developing and identifying products and services that may interest you; and (unless you ask us not to) providing you with information about other products and services. For further information on the way we collect and use your information, please click here to view our full Privacy Policy.

Personal Loans Tips and Guides

Personal loan checklist

Knowing what documents you need when applying for a personal loan can be tricky. Below is a list of necessary items to help you when applying for a personal loan.   Personal identification One primary photographic ID (eg. driver’s licence or passport) or two non-photo IDs (eg. birth certificate, citizenship certificate, council rate notice, ATO tax assessment notice, bank cards, credit cards)   Proof of income For full time/part-time & casual employment, please supply your most recent payslip. Self Employed, you will need to supply the last 2 years lodged tax returns and your most recent Notice of Assessment (must be issued within the last Financial Year).   Items needed for a secured car loan A tax invoice for the car you are buying, that includes: car registration number vehicle ID number (VIN) or chassis number engine number purchase price Current Registration papers A current full comprehensive Insurance Policy Other supporting documentation may be required upon request. For more information please call 1300 36 2000 and speak with one of our lending specialists. Credit eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply