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Business Internet Banking

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Our Business Internet Banking has been designed to put you in control of your banking.
It includes a full range of features allowing you to do what you need to do including:
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  • Create User Profiles

    Business Internet Banking enables the Account Owner to create specified users, with their own access code, and to assign an appropriate security level to enable them to perform set tasks on the account such as view transactions, load payment batches, etc.

  • Create Batch Payments

    Business Internet Banking allows authorised users to create payment batches and to store up to 10 batches on the system to streamline the payment process. Maintenance can be performed easily on these batches to make alterations to payment amounts, payees and account details. Batches can be set up for payroll, supplier payments, utility payments, etc..

  • Compatibility With Accounting Packages

    Business Internet Banking is also compatible with various accounting packages that enables the user to upload transaction batches for payment through Business Internet Banking.

The Benefits To You

  • Control

    You, as the Account Owner can keep control of the staff you give access to as well as the transactions that are processed to the account at all times without having to be the person responsible for loading the various transactions.

  • Risk Management

    By utilising Internet Banking, your business is able to manage creditors and debtors in a more secure and timely manner.

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