Hostplus / Maritime Super

On 1 September 2023, Hostplus and Maritime Super have successfully merged. By merging with Maritime Super, Hostplus has become one of Australia's largest super funds, managing over $100 billion in assets for over 1.7 million members and over 300,000 contributing employers. Their scale and ongoing growth allow for low member costs and a broad range of investment opportunities.

Hostplus was founded by the Australian Association and the Unity Workers Union in 1988 and has grown to be one of the largest super funds in Australia.

Before the merger, Maritime Super was established on 1 March 2009 due to the merger between two long established maritime industry super funds, the Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund (SERF) and the Seafarers Retirement Fund (SRF).

Maritime Super was the largest super fund of its kind for maritime workers, helping members and their families and friends achieve financial security and dignity in retirement.


Mine super

Mine Super


Mine Super was established from a merger between the Coalsuper Retirement Income Fund (COALSUPER) and the Queensland Coal and Oil Shale Mining Industry Superannuation Fund (QCOS). Prior to 1 July 2015, Mine Super was known as AUSCOAL Super.

Mine Super is an industry fund

Mine Super is owned for the exclusive benefit of members. It’s profit-to-members approach means they can return benefits to their members through lower fees and better returns.

The way service should be

Mine Super have a team of highly qualified and experienced people who can assist you. Whether you need a quick answer or general advice about super they can help you over the phone or provide face-to-face guidance from someone you can trust.

As salaried employees, Mine Super Financial Advisers can look at your overall financial position and put in place strategies to help you maximise your wealth over the long-term.

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