1970: It was a very good year.

A hundred and twenty seven runners came together for the very first New York Marathon. 334 passengers and 18 crew came together for the first commercial flight on the world’s first 747 jumbo jet. 600,000 people came together for an incredible rock experience on the Isle of Wight.

March 11, 1970 also heralded another coming together worthy of attention.

A defining moment at the Sydney Town Hall when two thousand waterside workers put their hopes and dreams, passion and spirit together and formed a credit union.

A credit union that understood the wants of all waterside workers, the needs of their families. A credit union that became the Waterside Workers of Australia Credit Union.

Today, that credit union is known as Unity Bank.


Different name, but with the same spirit and soul. To uphold the Bank’s mantra of always standing by our Members while carefully managing the business to ensure our sustainability for the benefit of each and every one of our Members and the generations to come.

Fifty years of listening, half a century of laughing with a few shedding of tears as well – forging a commitment of being the bank that gives its Members 100% of its support.

Allow us to share with you, over the coming months, five golden decades of memorable moments and notable narratives from Unity Bank’s directors, managers, staff and our esteemed Members.

As we all come together to view reflections of the past, reminding us those moments are our present and future.