With the popularity of online shopping and home delivery, many Australians have started receiving scam messages regarding missed calls, voicemails, or unexplained notices of deliveries. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are receiving thousands of reports daily about these scams which originated overseas earlier this year.

The messages ask you to do things like tap on to a link to download an app to track or organise a time for a delivery or respond to a voicemail message. These messages are fake, there are no delivery or no voicemail.

The app is actually malicious and will install malware called Flubot.

Android phones and iPhones can both receive texts from the Flubot.

If you have clicked on a ‘Flubot’ message link and/or have accidentally installed the Flubot app, the ACCC recommends you do a factory reset on your device to remove the malware. You should also contact an IT professional or download official antivirus software.  

If you believe someone may have compromised your device or personal information, please contact us on 1300 36 2000.

For more information on the Flubot scam we recommend you visit the ACCC Scamwatch website.