We are aware of the Optus data breach involving the loss of Optus customer data. Our systems have not been compromised as a result of the Optus data breach. Our real-time monitoring of your accounts helps detect and protect you from unauthorised activity.

Unity Bank Protection

Keeping your account and personal information safe remains our priority.

  • Member information is constantly monitored for data-breaches, including the recent Optus breach. We have also implemented additional verification and transaction monitoring processes to protect our members accounts.

Protecting your own personal information

  • Always remain vigilant against phishing and other scam communications that may lure you into clicking on links and attachments or sharing your personal information.
  • Setting a strong, unique password and changing it regularly is key to keeping your accounts safe.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all online services, including online banking.
  • Using PayID to send money allows you to see details about who you are paying, before you pay them, helping protect you from scams.

Questions to ask & things to look out for

  • Do you know the sender, and do you usually receive SMS messages from the sender? Beware, scammers can mimic the phone numbers of legitimate organizations.
  • Does the message seem generic or does it contain errors and grammatical mistakes?
  • SMS Phishing, or ‘Smishing’ messages, play on your emotions by creating a sense of urgency, followed by a link to click. For example, ‘Your account is temporarily frozen, please login immediately to lift the restriction’.

If you’re concerned your ID may have already been compromised, IDCARE is an independent organisation that provides free support to individuals impacted by fraud or scams. IDCARE have released a Response Fact Sheet relating to the Optus Data Breach.

For more information on protecting your data please visit Money Smart. If you're worried or you’ve noticed a suspicious transaction, call us immediately on 1300 36 2000.